Physical Rehabilitation

The ultimate goal of physical therapy and rehabilitation is to restore maximum functional independence to each individual patient. Physical therapy and rehabilitation improves mobility and motion, improving quality of life by increasing one’s ability to work and play. Improved mobility and motion also improve balance, which helps prevent falls and injuries. Much of our physical therapy and rehabilitation is performed by our Certified Athletic Trainers, who are trained to work with their patients to expand, restore, and maintain motion. Our physical therapy and rehabilitation team will instruct and supervise patients in exercises specifically designed to achieve their recovery goals and restore patients to their optimum level of abilities.

Our physicians frequently prescribe physical therapy and rehabilitation and other supportive techniques to rebuild your body after an injury and help it protect itself against future injuries. Physical therapy and rehabilitation can prove immensely helpful in getting you back on your feet again following an auto accident, workplace injury, sports injury, surgical procedure or debilitating chronic ailment. It contends with weakened muscles, stiff tendons or ligaments, chronic pain, and reduced range of motion often left behind by the injury. Our doctors and our rehabilitation team offer a full range of rehabilitative activities to promote stabilization, strengthening, and recovery.

Absolute Wellness Center has a rehabilitation center on site, enabling you to have both the space and equipment needed for you to work with the physical rehabilitation team. This often includes stretching, resistance exercises, and manual therapy. The rehabilitation center also offers cardio equipment, weights, and core strengthening equipment.

Due to the collaborative nature of our clinic, the doctors and rehabilitation team work closely together, determining the best treatment plans and monitoring progress at each step of the way. This may include utilizing other services, such as massage, acupuncture, therapeutic ultrasound, or manual therapy techniques. We don’t offer standard treatment plans. We believe that tailoring our services to what the patient needs results in a faster and more effective healing process, thereby minimizing the number of visits needed, and the amount of time spent suffering. Patients should be empowered in their own healing process, gaining the strength and knowledge needed to heal faster, and prevent re-injury. Plus, this means less time in the doctor’s office and more time out living life.

Physician’s often refer their patients to physical therapy and rehabilitation because it can be equally effective at helping patients recover from medical traumas and surgery, as well as helping people avoid surgery and prescription drugs. It’s also often a more cost effective approach to improved wellness.

If you would like to learn more about how physical rehabilitation might benefit your recovery, give us a call at 541-484-5777 or schedule an appointment. Dr. Michael Herb would be happy to talk with you more about what you are trying to achieve and the best ways to get there.


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