What Does It Mean that AWC is “Multidisciplinary”?

In short, we offer sports medicinechiropractic medicine, naturopathic medicine, physical rehabilitation,  acupuncture, and massage – all under the same roof.

Eugene chiropractic & physical therapy teamEveryone at Absolute Wellness Center works as a team. We are not individual practitioners that simply share space, or rent treatment rooms independently. We actively work in unison through our treatments and communications with the patient and each other.

Q: What does multidisciplinary mean?

A: It means that we offer a variety of specialties under one roof and, most importantly, our practitioners truly work together with your health goals in mind. At Absolute Wellness Center, every practitioner is excited to be working with other specialties that they can bounce ideas off of, and utilize for their patients’ benefit. Plus, it’s convenient for patients to have multiple services offered in one place (and less paperwork!).

Q: It’s great that you all communicate with each other, but what about my primary doctor or specialist?

A: We talk to them too! Same goes for your favorite massage therapist, or other practitioner. And we refer out to the appropriate specialist for advanced imaging, blood work, or a surgery consult. Your health is what matters, and that means making sure you have the right team that YOU trust and believe in.

Q: How long do I have to wait to be seen at your clinic?

Eugene chiropractic & physical therapy teamA: We can almost always schedule someone to see our practitioners within 1-2 days. We do this intentionally because we see so many patients after a recent sports or auto injury, and it can be critical to be assessed and treated as quickly as possible.

Q: What does this mean to me as a patient?

A: You don’t have to try and remember an entire list of diagnosis, recommended treatments, hypothesis, contra-indicators, etc. There’s no worrying that you forgot to tell one practitioner something important that the other practitioner told you. We handle that communication both in person and through one complete in-house medical record.


Quotes on this model:

This is the best model of care that I have worked in, for both the patients and the providers. Open communication and teamwork wins every time. – Mary Ann Petersen, LAc

I love the idea of multiple sets of eyes, areas of expertise, and experience all working to assess a patient’s diagnosis and best plan of care. There’s not the lapse in time or missed information that can happen when trying to see multiple disciplines in separate locations. – Katie